Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Little Note

On the trip I took with my fellow artists, Irene and I stayed in Paris on our arrival for a few days and again before our departure.  So, even though there are a few watercolor sketches of Paris, I am going to hold them back to be included in an entire group of sketches of Paris from various trips.

You could convince me to go to Paris just about anytime for any length of time!  (Well, maybe a long weekend might be stretching it because I hate the flight, but otherwise, I would be willing!)  Paris is the ultimate destination for an artist -- there is simply something about the ambiance, the attitudes of the French, the sheer encouragement that you are given that make you want to paint, even if you aren't really in the mood!  

I love Paris so much, it should have an entire section devoted to it.  And so, that is what I will do...  But first, I will present to you a little bit of other places in Europe!

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