Thursday, March 17, 2005

The History of MsAdventures

MsAdventures began in 1976 as a group letter intended to maintain contact with a very close-knit group of eleven college friends. Postage for a First Class letter was 13 cents; a 20 minute long distance call was about $15.

Over time, I discovered that the letters were being circulated in my friends’ offices. Copies were being made on the office copier and forwarded to unknown recipients. For all I know, someone, somewhere may be compiling an entire dossier.

I began to receive calls from the original eleven. A co-worker was moving, a sister wanted to receive a copy, a friend’s friend asked, did I mind sending it to them?

Telephone lines were deregulated, making long distance very affordable. I decided to discontinue MsAdventures. I received notes and letters; I received crank phone calls. The cranks were all my closest friends.

The world began to get plugged in and cell phones were in every pocket. I could email my letter to the mailing list in nano seconds. Postage is now 37 cents. There are 46 names on the list, most of whom I have never met. There are a few names for people that no one can recall. I decided to discontinue MsAdventures. I got protests from some of them.

Why? MsAdventures tells of the various pitfalls and pratfalls that I have experienced. They seem to come to me naturally. Receiving a letter that details the incredible, oddball, ludicrous, and oftentimes, hilarious experiences that have happened to someone else simply makes you feel better about the things that happen to you. No one has those experiences more often than me. Luckily, I have learned how to laugh. Hopefully, you will, too.