Monday, April 02, 2007


This one is hot off the presses...

I received word yesterday afternoon that I have just been awarded an Honorable Mention at a judged art show for the Society of Bluffton Artists. Actually, they told me about the award and then said, "the check will be in the mail." Even better.

Usually, I don't have anything ready to frame and submit to these shows, so this is only the second time I have entered a judged show. I paint, but unless I love a painting enough to want to hang it in my home, my paintings go into a storage box under my bed. I already have about six framed pieces tucked into corners around my house because storage space is limited. So, unless this piece sells, It will have its own place on the wall. Maybe even a prime location.

The painting is called, "Oh, My Gourds!" It's a still life of a pumpkin, some gourds and an opened chestnut. The title came because I just couldn't bring myself to call it, "Still Life with Gourds" or some other really dull thing like "Autumn Harvest." So, when I was painting, I just called it, "Oh, My Gourds!"

So, with no more build-up, here it is!

Oh, My Gourds!, Copyright © 2007, Scotti Briggs